We're a Storytelling Agency

Are you interested in stories? So are we. That’s why we don’t make ads but tell stories.

Skip the Ad.

We run away from ads too. We skip and block them on our web browser; we change the channel when they are on TV and we change our way when a marketer approaches us in a mall.

Let’s face it: most Ads are annoying.

The world has become quite noisy; brands are sending messages to the consumers in numerous ways and it has become difficult for consumers to distinguish the messages; therefore, the brands. Some of the brands have got so occupied with the sales of the product that they almost forget who the product is sold to, it has created a missing link in the chain: the human bonds.

We are committed to healthier and stronger human bonds. We are committed to make the community happier and less noisy by creating entertaining Ads. That is why we focus on the Quality of the Communication. We engage the audience to participate in the process of message delivery and the engagement makes an unforgettable brand experience for the customer.

We create Ads that people want to see by choice, not by force.

what does Sakou mean?

/ˈsæku/ n

1 a platform 2 a raised level surface on which people can stand 3 an above-ground platform from which a space vehicle is launched 4 a podium which winners stand on for the trophy ceremony

what does Sakou do?

Sakou Agency is a solution-oriented Communication Agency. We help brands to deliver their messages to customers via different media channels. Our activities include  Advertising Campaign Planning, Digital Marketing, Events, Public Relations and TVC.

featured works

Video Marketing

Range Rover

“Classified” the series is the first branded entertainment web-series in the Middle East, directed by Ali F. Mostafa. “Classified” is a  captivating webisode created by the Middle East’s largest broadcasting network, MBC. This web-series introduced the All New Range Rover Evoque to the target audience, young Middle Eastern male age 21 to 35.

Sakou created Social Media videos for this campaign.

Coca - Cola

The use of plastic bags come at a very high cost to the environment. Coca-Cola promoted the use of recycled papers instead of plastic bags in a PSA. Sakou documented the process of the PSA making in a Video.

Saif and Sound

Saif is one of the top media personalities in United Arab Emirates and ‘Saif and Sound’ is a renowned radio show that is heard by thousands of people in UAE.

Sakou created Social Media videos for Saif and Sound.

Josh FM Radio

Josh is the home of India’s biggest radio stars in the UAE. It is the hit music station for young, fun South Asians- where you can find out what’s hot with Shahrukh Khan and get the latest on the Indian Premier League cricket, as well as what’s new in Bollywood.

Sakou created a TVC for Josh.


‘Ring Sport’ is a 12 Episode motor show on Digikala Magazine. The sixth episode of Ring Sport was dedicated to the legendary Muscle Car, Ford Mustang. 

Members of Mustang Club of Iran were the guests of this special report in which they explained their experience with their ponies.

Sakou coordinated the film-shoot and shot the aerial footage of this episode.

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